Our Values

Our worker-owners go above and beyond for our clients to provide a quality of life for them through honest and compassionate care. We operate with strong ethical practices, good communication, and participatory decision-making. Our cooperative members believe in and practice the Client Bill of Rights.

Legal Structure

We are a Cooperative Association with the State of New Mexico. We aspire to be a licensed Home Health Agency.

We want to serve

We help elderly, persons that have disabilities, veterans and those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia. We provide comforting and helpful guidance for clients and families whose life is changing.

Wages and Benefits

Caregivers earn an hourly rate that is approximately 70% of the rate for services. This is a much higher rate of pay compared to most workplaces that hire caregivers. As worker-owners of the cooperative business, caregivers also receive “patronage dividends” which is a redistribution of business profits.
Health insurance is an important and desired benefit for our caregivers, and this cost is considered in the hourly pay rate. Timely information and training about health insurance options are also provided for our caregivers.
Travel costs that our caregivers may incur as part of their work duties are reimbursed to them in compliance with the recent revisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act.